Heart of OT - Celtic Art Mandalynths

Posted by Erin Rado - Ravensdaughter on Apr 26th 2016

Greetings all,Nathalie Navarrete of Heart of OT has just written a wonderful review of my Celtic Art Mandalynths. Please enjoy.Erin Rado - RavensdaughterI must admit that I am a trendy girl! I often f … read more

A Note From A Retired Lt. Colonel

Posted by Ravensdaughter on May 26th 2015

Back in 2012, when showing at an autism conference in Pasadena, I had the pleasure to meet LTC (Ret) George Everman. Mr. Everman was attending the conference on behalf of his grandson, who tested as h … read more

A Note From A Wonderful Teacher

Posted by Ravensdaughter on May 26th 2015

Jo Ann Morales, a teacher who met me two years ago at the Southern California Renaissance Faire, sent me this email. Jo Ann is not a Special Needs educator, but rather one of many grade school te … read more

Mandalynths for Special Needs Children

Posted by Ravensdaughter on Feb 23rd 2015

This is an email I received from Ms. Heather Wagner,  special needs educator in Colorado. Ms. Wagner works with severe needs children, and wanted to share her experience with Celtic Art Therapy. … read more

Celtic Art Mandalynths - Use Your Non-Dominant Hand!

Posted by Ravensdaughter on Dec 23rd 2014

For me, this is one of the most entertaining moments of my presentation of Celtic Art Mandalynths. No matter if it's at a fair, festival, or psychotherapy conference, I begin by telling folks to simpl … read more