Celtic Mandalynth CDC Press Release

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The CDC has warned that Americans are over-medicating attention deficit disorder. Behavioral modification is preferable to medication, especially in young children.

Now there is a Book, a Product and a Mobile App to support this finding.

MANDALYNTHS: Celtic Focus Tools for Meditation, Mindfulness and Mental Exercise.

Mandalynths are Celtic art designs that you trace with a stylus. They are the creation of Celtic Artist, Ravensdaughter, who has combined the eastern Mandala with the western Labyrinth.

Tracing a Mandalynth isolates the hand-to-eye coordination. This forces the brain to focus. When the brain can focus, it can ground and relax. This often relaxes the body.

Unlike coloring, tracing is akin to doodling. There are no decisions to make. There is no right or wrong. You simply follow along the pathway. You are simply present in the moment.

With Mandalynth tracing, the over-stimulation of attention deficit   or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can regulate. Thoughts settle into a quiet, observant state. Hearing becomes dominant, allowing individuals with ADD and ADHD to focus on what is being said in a classroom, a counselor's office, or at home.

There is evidence that Mandalynth tracing increases delta and theta brain wave activity, while quieting the more active alpha, beta, and gamma waves. In short, when you trace a Mandalynth you begin to meditate.

In addition to managing ADD and ADHD, Mandalynth tracing has also shown results with stress, anxiety, panic, PTSD and autism.

Enjoy a moment of calm behavioral wellness with a Mandalynth. It's the perfect tool for an engaged, mindful 'time out'.