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“I use Celtic Art Mandalynths in my office with great success to help clients of all ages quickly relax and enter a more mindful state. With easy use, almost no instructions to learn or remember, and rapid response rates, it is ideal for clients to also use at home for emotional regulation. More beautiful and fun than a "chill pill", this book will make it easier for clients to use this valuable tool to manage stress.”

- Cathryn Harris, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist


“I have been using Celtic Art Mandalynths in both individual and group settings as an adjunct to the stabilization phase in the treatment of complex combat trauma. Emotional dysregulation in this population is rapid and intense, making trauma processing difficult if not impossible. Combat veterans report that the Mandalynths very quickly allow a sense of calm, focus, control, and the ability to organize thought. From a treatment perspective, it doesn't get any better.”

- Patricia Alexander, Ph.D, ABPP, Clinical Psychologist


“As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in private practice, I have incorporated the Mandalynth as an intervention individually and with families to teach them an alternative to stress reduction. The results have been favorable, and the nuance of the intervention has been intriguing. During Thanksgiving, I decided to do the Mandalynth tracing with my nephew and his family. They all told me they were impressed how calm and relaxed they became just after a few minutes.”

- Dr. Rosalia Munoz-Ledo Koba, Peaceful Resolutions Laguna Niguel, CA.


“Using the Mandalynths book with my clients in outpatient occupational therapy treatment has proved an effective tool in my clinical toolbox. Clients have enjoyed utilizing the book as a treatment activity to promote fine motor dexterity and handwriting practice as well as during modalities for pain and stress relief. The Mandalynths book lends itself perfectly to the healthcare setting as the sheets are laminated and easy to disinfect, and clients can access the pages online to download or purchase for home exercise programs. I can’t express enough how valuable this mindfulness tool is for my treatment plans!”

- Andrea Garcia, MSW, OTR/L, OTD Candidate, Reiki Master


“In all my years of measuring brainwaves, I have never seen anything change brain patterns that quickly and dramatically. Of course, the obvious question is, “will this last?” The answer is “we don’t know.” It is possible that with enough practice this new, more relaxed pattern in the brain would become more stable. However, we are generally not looking at this intervention as a complete treatment strategy, but rather as a tool to disrupt an over-activated brain and allow the opportunity for something different to happen. This tool essentially creates “space”. It can be used when someone is actively engaged in an anxiety/panic attack, is feeling agitated or hypersensitive, or simply as a device to maintain a calm presence.”

- Jeff Tarrant, PhD, BCN, From Meditation Interventions to Rewire the Brain


“I would highly recommend the Celtic Art Therapy program and the Mandalynth mindfulness tools to any school counseling organization or other conferences. I know everyone was highly impressed with your offerings.”

- Carol Lewis, KSCA Events Director, www.kyschoolcounselor.org


“As a retired U.S. Army Infantry Officer, I have experienced the same type of emotional stresses that are common to this life experience and carry their effects as part of my daily personal life. Patience is one casualty that I have, and I find the use of this simple art plate provides an effective outlet to release this emotion. I would highly recommend this methodology to anyone who lives in a high stress environment or who suffers from PTSD, or any of a number of personal emotional or psychological impairments.”

- George Everman, LTC, Infantry, AUS (Retired)


“Research indicates that both walking labyrinths and finger labyrinths have a positive effect on brain wave activity and neurological response. Therefore, the chance to release both emotional and physical tension is heightened by using one. The experience is simultaneously introspective and kinesthetic; a complete mind-body integrative activity.”

- Neal Harris, M.A., Director - Relax4Life Center


“The Finger Labyrinth Workbook is the perfect tool for allowing you to slow down from our busy world and find your own center place. Each labyrinth has something to teach you about yourself and the world around you. From simple to complex designs these paths of contemplation with the accompanying history and inspirational quotes will bring you a new perspective to the journey of life!”

- Lea Goode-Harris, PhD, NC, Creator of the Santa Rosa Labyrinth