Meis Galicia Labyrinth Laminated Card

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Blue Meis Galicia Labyrinth Laminated Card: Ancient Mindfulness for Stress, Anxiety and Attention Management

This ancient Labyrinth is carved into a rock formation in Spain. A petroglyph, the Meis, Galicia Labyrinth is believed to date to the Atlantic Bronze Age which occurred from c.1300  to 700 BC.
The Meis, Galicia Labyrinth features 7 circuits (reverse turns) that journey to the center. This may represent the 7 planets seen by ancient humans.
Think of cosmic mindfulness. We are all connected to a great mystical center. Here we can find awareness, and know one another as we discover ourselves.
Contemplate the vastness of the great beyond as you trace the Meis, Galicia Labyrinth. Then return to the conscious world with a fresh perspective of anything that might concern you.
- Ravensdaughter